Andrew Castle, Project Manager, BKB Building Solutions (6th of October 2014)
"With CNC's assistance I have completed more than 15 projects over the past year and a half, my projects require laser cutting, turret punching, metal folding and welding of mild steel and galvanised sheet.  When I was working on the Myer Melbourne Emporium project, my project was delayed due to changes in site coordination, CNC held the product in their factory for 3 weeks so that I wouldn't have to double handle it (by bringing it back to my factory first).  CNC assisted me in preparing the packs for cranage by stacking, strapping and wrapping the packs prior to collection.  I also required steel test certificates from the mill for the BHP product I was using which CNC compiled for me.  I am happy with CNC's turnkey service as it has helped me greatly organising my jobs"    

Ken Monks, Director, BIS Special Products (10th of June 2014)
"I had an urgent requirement to cut penetration holes in my stainless steel panels.  I visited the team at CNC Sheet Metal, despite it not being a standard job to cut already folded panels in the laser cutting machine, they was able to assist me and met my completion time requirement."

Gavin Adams, Director, GG Engineering (11th of August 2014)
"We design and manufacture products for the equine exercise industry.  Working with CNC has been good, when I have required urgent parts and assistance he has delivered." 

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